Command Line Interface

This description assumes that the RunVBUnit.exe is on your PATH.

Open up a command prompt (cmd.exe) and run the command runvbunit. You should get the following message back.

Usage:RunVBUnit [-tnal] TestSuite.ProgID [TestSuite1.ProgID] [TestSuite2.ProgID] [...] 
		[export Export1.ProgID [- "custom params"]] [...]
t - show the TestRunner Window
n - no output to the console!
a - DON't autoclose TestRunner Window
l - list incoming results in TestRunner

TestSuite.ProgID    - load the indicated TestSuite and run it
Export ExportModule.ProgId [- "custom parameters"] - load the indicated Export Module to process the TestResult. 
Optionally pass a custom parameter string

The options broken down further